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 The texas city attorney is located at 1228 N. Logan St. (25th St. N.), Suite 101, Texas City, Tx, in Galveston County, Tx.  The texas city lawyer provides the following information.   Texas City has two courts located here.  The Texas City Municipal Court, which handles class C misdemeanors, violations of city ordinances and driver's license suspension hearings. The precinct 5 Justice of Peace Court of Galveston County is also located here, handling class C misdemeanors, civil suits where the amount in controversy is up to $10,000, administrative driver's license suspension hearings, and eviction cases..  Traffic tickets are class C misdemeanors. 
Class B and Class A misdemeanors are handled by the County Courts at Law, located in Galveston, Texas.  Besides, handling Class B and A misdemeanors, the County Court Courts at Law handle cases in which the amount in controversy is between $500.00 and $200,000.00.   The County  Courts 1, 2 and 3 also take appeals from justice of peace and municipal courts located in Galveston County.  A new trial is given on these appeals.  It is called a trial de novo.

The district court has exclusive jurisdiction on felony cases, cases involving title to land, and election contest cases.  It shares jurisdiction with the county courts, and in some case justice of the peace courts, for civil cases (its lowest limit for hearing a case is a mere $200 in controversy, while JP courts can hear cases up to $10,000). In a "catchall" provision it hears all cases "in which jurisdiction is not placed in another trial court."

The 306th District Family Court of Galveston County handles only family related cases.  It shares jurisdiction with county courts at law 1, 2 and 3 on family cases. 

In addition to judicial powers, district judges also have administrative duties as well. District judges may remove county officials, officials of a general-law municipality, and municipal court judges, under certain circumstances. Also, they appoint and supervise the county auditor, oversee the operations of the adult and juvenile probation offices, and are granted "supervisory" jurisdiction over the county commissioners court.  

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