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This league city divorce lawyer is located at 1228 N. Logan St. (25th St. N.), Suite 101, Texas City, Tx 77590, in Galveston County, Tx, and serves league city, texas, and all cities and unincorporated areas within galveston county, tx.  This league divorce lawyer city lawyer believes that divorce is one of life's greatest hardships, traumas and challenges, destroying family and finances, where love often turns to bitter hate, where childrens' and spouses' futures can be destroyed.  This league city divorce lawyer can help you survive and  navigate the mazed holocaust of your family, the viscious and degrading attack on YOU, the terrible emotional, financial and formidable legal war, when you need a well-trained-experienced and prepared veteran gladiator, a pit bull peacemaker through strength,  BESIDE YOU in the trenches,  for every skirmish or battle, championing your cause, your best LOYAL friend and advisor for the duration. League City Divorce Lawyer.


The 306th District Family Court of Galveston County handles only family related cases.  It shares jurisdiction with county courts at law 1, 2 and 3 on family cases.

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